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Oculus Quest $30 referral credit guide

Oculus Referral Program

So you finally got your Meta Oculus Quest 2 or you’re thinking about buying one. There has never been a better time to try out VR and thanks to the referral program offered by Meta you and your friend can both get a $30 credit for games or apps in the Quest Store.

Before you get started it’s important to note that Oculus referral links must be sent and opened before a new Quest 2 headset is activated. If you or a friend want to receive the $30 referral credit you must first send the referral link, open the link, and then link your account to a new Oculus Quest.

Step 1: Sign up for an Oculus Quest Account

Sign up for Oculus Account to get Store Credit

Before you can refer your friend to Oculus Quest you must first sign up for your own account. Currently, you need a Facebook account to set up your account but this requirement will be going away in the future.

Sign Up for Oculus Quest Account

Step 2: Generate your unique referral link

Generate your unique Oculus referral link

After you have registered and logged into your Quest account you are ready to create a referral link. If you’re using a browser you can find your referral page by going to, logging in, and then selecting your username. If you’re using the Oculus mobile app you can find the referral section by tapping on the diamond icon.

Access your Quest Referral Page

Step 3: Send your referral link to your friend

Oculus Referral Program

On the Quest Referral page you will see your unique referral link. Copy that link and send it to your friend via text message or email. Important: make sure your friend does not set up their Quest device until after they have received and opened your referral link.

Your friend will be prompted to log into their Facebook account and accept your referral. Once they have accepted your referral they can go ahead and set up their new Quest device. They will receive a $30 credit right away and you will be sent a $30 credit within 30 days.

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What to do if the Quest referral isn’t working

Unfortunately, there can sometimes be issues sending or redeeming the $30 Quest referral credit. The first thing to do is make sure you or your friend are eligible for the credit. The referral credit can only be redeemed on new Quest 2 devices. If you’ve already activated and logged into your Oculus Quest headset you won’t be able to redeem a new referral credit.

Sometimes the referral credit can take a few hours or longer to credit to your account. If you are the one sending the referral it can take up to 30 days for the credit to show up in your account. You can check to see if the Oculus referral credit has posted to your account by selecting your profile and then selecting Payment Methods from the dropdown menu.

Check your Oculus Quest Store Credit Balance

If you’ve checked your Oculus Store Credit and still see a $0 balance after following all the necessary steps you will want to reach out to Meta Quest Support directly via email or chat to have Oculus support staff manually verify the credit on your behalf. Be prepared to provide your account information and your friend’s information so that they can help you receive the referal credit.

Contact Oculus Quest Support

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