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Upenders! Free Multiplayer FPS for Oculus Quest

Upenders! Free Game for Oculus Quest

Warp into the twisted world of UPENDERS! and gun your way through this new multiplayer shooter that can only be experienced in VR. Teams of three versus three face off in various game modes that require stealth and skill to defeat the opposition. Use your wits and warp between floors, walls and ceilings to navigate mind-bending twisted maps. Compete in teams with online players and bots in the Domination game mode, where the first team to fill their reactor gauge wins the match, or rack up eliminations in Team Deathmatch Make use of the multiverse of equipment at your disposal, including the Blast Shield, Stealth Knife and grenades!

Game: Upenders!
Platform: Oculus Quest App Lab
Price: Free
Reviews: 4.5/5
Rating: T

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