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We Are One free FPS puzzle game for Meta Quest

We Are One Shooter Game for Oculus Quest

If you are looking for a unique gaming experience for Oculus Quest 2 that is free then you will want to try We Are One. Mixing a variety of game genres, We Are One is a puzzle shooter where you solve mind-bending puzzles by cloning yourself and playing with time loops. Cleverly plan ahead and cooperate with your own clones – the only help you really need (and get) is yourself!

We like this game because of the unique art style and the way it plays with timing. A paid version is being developed but for now the game is totally free for Oculus Quest. Features:

  • All your teammates are You. If you want something done right do it yourself!
  • Big-brain puzzles meet action-packed shooter elements
  • Experience a variety of levels with increasing challenges and new twists for you to overcome in your OWN way!
  • A unique art style, where watercolor textures meet digitally drawn lines and moody vibes!
  • Perfect for VR beginners and experienced users
  • It’s easy to pick up, but challenging to master!

Game: We Are One
Price: Free
Platform: Meta Quest App Lab
Review: 5/5
Rating: E10+

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