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Zenith: The Last City VR MMO RPG Game for Oculus Quest On Sale

Virtual reality seems to be well suited to the MMO RPG genre but we haven’t seen many titles VR seems to be well suited to the MMO RPG genre but we haven’t seen many titles that really impress in this area. That may change with the upcoming release of Zenith: The Last City this month. Now available for preorder from the Oculus Store, Zenith is available for 10% off if pre-ordered now. Focused on exploring and upgrades, this game features hand-to-hand combat and multiplayer modes. This game for Oculus Quest could be one that really takes off, the beta has been popular and it looks like World of Warcraft in virtual reality.

The game is set in a world where the last city is under siege and you are one of the few remaining heroes left to save it. With an interesting storyline and plenty of content, it looks like Zenith will be a game that RPG fans will love. You can explore the city, complete quests, and battle enemies in hand-to-hand combat. With multiplayer modes, you can also team up with others to take on the challenges of the game. There is also a crafting system so you can create new weapons and armor to help you in your quest.

Zenith is available for preorder now and will be released on January 27th. If you preorder now, you can get 10% off the regular price. This is a great game for Oculus Quest and it looks like it could be one of the most popular VR games this year.

Game: Zenith: The Last City
Platform: Oculus Quest
Price: $29.99 $26.99
Review: 4.5/5 Stars
Rating: T

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