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GRAB VR free parkour game for Meta Quest

GRAB free parkour game for Oculus Quest

GRAB is a VR multiplayer parkour game for Oculus Quest. Climb, jump, slide and swing through the levels to reach the end, but don’t fall or touch the lava! A core component of GRAB is the level editor that lets you and your friends create your own levels together and upload them for everyone else to play. If you enjoy the Wipeout! series you will find something fun in this game.

  • Active and fun physics-based controls
  • Play with up to 10 players in cross-platform multiplayer
  • Built-in tutorial levels to get you started as well as some more advanced bigger levels
  • Built-in level editor that lets you build levels together with your friends in multiplayer with quick switching between testing and editing
  • Download levels made by the community and upload your own
  • Over 6500 Community levels! Growing every day!

Game: GRAB
Price: Free
Platform: Meta Quest App Lab
Review: 4/5
Rating: E

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