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Play Minecraft on your Oculus Quest


One of the most often requested games for Meta’s Oculus Quest VR headset is Minecraft. While there is no official version of Minecraft on Meta Quest, there is a team of developers who have ported an open-source version of the game that is totally playable and still being improved called QuestCraft. Here’s how you can play Minecraft on your Oculus Quest today.

Step 1: Enable developer mode on your Quest and Install SideQuest on your computer. In order to play outside games and apps, Meta requires you to enable developer mode on your headset. Don’t let this step stress you out, our guide will help you prepare your Quest headset and walk you through the process in a few minutes: SideQuest for Meta Quest Easy Setup Guide.

Step 2: Download the QuestCraft APK file. Once you’ve enabled developer mode on your Quest and installed SideQuest on your computer you’re ready to load outside games and apps. The QuestCraft dev team releases the latest version of the game on the project’s GitHub repository: What you need to download is a file called app_pojavlauncher-release.apk. Download the latest QuestCraft install package.

Step 3: Install QuestCraft on your Quest headset via SideQuest. After you have developer mode enabled on your Meta Quest and you have downloaded the latest QuestCraft app file to your computer it’s time to load the game to your headset through SideQuest. Download the latest version of SideQuest for Mac, PC or Linux. After installation, open SideQuest and click the icon in the top right that says “Install APK file from folder on computer.” Select app_pojavlauncher-release.apk that you downloaded earlier to install QuestCraft on your Meta Quest headset.

Step 4: Launch QuestCraft on your Meta Quest. Congrats, you’re almost ready to start playing Minecraft on your Quest! On your Quest headset, open the app called PojavLauncher. The go to Settings-> Video and Renderers-> Click renderers -> select the 3rd option. Then select the fabric profile. After you have enabled those settings and selected fabric, you can press play and Minecraft will launch.

If you have questions or need help we recommend joining the QuestCraft Discord server where developers and users can help you troubleshoot: Join QuestCraft Discord.

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