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Meta Quest Pro – Everything we know so far

Meta Quest Pro

Originally known as Project Cambria, the next generation of Meta’s virtual reality headset will bring both performance improvements and new features to the Meta Quest family. Thanks to a recent code leak in the Oculus mobile app, we now know that the official will be called Meta Quest Pro. Here’s what we know about the Meta Quest Pro so far:

  • AR (Augmented Reality): Full-color image passthrough will allow you to see the physical world and VR world at the same time and experience mixed reality.
  • Face-tracking: Meta Quest Pro will be equipped with cameras that monitor the user’s face. These can be used to track where a user is looking and convey facial expressions in virtual spaces.
  • Backward Compatibility: All Quest 2 games will work on Meta Quest Pro which means there will be a large catalog at launch.
  • Release Date: According to a recent leak, the Meta Quest Pro could be released as soon as September 2022.
  • Price: Meta Quest Pro is targeted at power users and is expected to cost at least $800 USD

There’s a lot to look forward to with this next-generation VR headset! Keep checking back here for the latest Meta Quest Pro news.

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