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Do you need a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest headset? Updated 2022

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Good news for all those wanting to enter the metaverse without a Facebook account! As of August 2022, you no longer need to have a Facebook account to use an Oculus Quest.

Since Meta released the Oculus Quest in 2019 they have required owners to login using their Facebook account to use the device. But this week Meta rolled out their new account system called Meta Horizon profiles.

To set up your Meta Horizon profile you will need to make sure your Quest headset is updated to the latest profile then visit on your phone or computer to link your headset with your profile.

Meta Horizon profiles give you the option to link your social media accounts and display them publicly but no longer require a Facebook or Instagram account. This is good news for people who simply never wanted to be on a social media network, however, the irony is that Meta Horizon is essentially a new social media platform focused on virtual reality.

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