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Install SideQuest Directly Onto Your Oculus Quest – Easy Setup Guide

SideQuest Easy Setup Guide 2022

If you’re interested in sideloading apps onto your Oculus Quest so that you can play games that aren’t available from the Oculus Store we have some great news! Previously loading outside games and apps required you to connect your headset to your computer each time you wanted to install a new game (check out our previous guide). But now you can install games and apps directly from your headset (untethered) thanks to a new update to the SideQuest platform.

To install SideQuest onto your Oculus Quest headset you will still need a computer for the initial setup but once SideQuest is installed you will be able to load outside games and apps without a computer or phone. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Enable developer mode on your Oculus (Meta) Quest

To allow installing apps & games to your headset we need to enable developer mode on your Meta Quest device. To do this, you have to be a registered “developer” on the Oculus website (this is free).

Create Developer Account Quest

Go to and create an ‘organization‘. You’ll first be asked to accept the developer agreement. You will then need to verify your account using either a credit card or a phone number. Most accounts will already be verified and you may be able to skip this part. If you do need to add a credit card it will not be charged.

Now that the Facebook account associated with your Oculus Quest is linked to a “developer organization” you will be able to enable developer mode on your Quest headset. To do this go ahead and reboot your Oculus Quest headset then restart the Oculus app on your smartphone.

Once you have done this open the Oculus app on your smartphone and navigate to the following setting page: MenuSettingsHeadset Settings. Once you are in headset settings you should see a toggle for Developer Mode. Toggle Developer Mode on.

Step 2. Install SideQuest client on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer

Once you have enabled developer mode on your Oculus Quest you will need to install the SideQuest Desktop client on your computer. Download the latest version of SideQuest (Beta).

Step 3. Install SideQuest on Your Headset

Now that you’ve enabled Developer Mode on your Meta Quest and downloaded SideQuest on your computer you’re ready to install SideQuest onto your computer.

Go ahead and connect a USB-C cable from your Quest headset into your computer and open the SideQuest app on your Windows, Mac, or lInux computer. You should see a warning pop up like the one below in your headset display. Check “Always allow from this computer” and select OK.

Enable USB Debugging

Once you’ve allowed USB debugging in your Oculus Quest headset go ahead and click the button on your SideQuest desktop app that says “Install SideQuest In Your Headset.” The process usually takes a few moments but when it is done you will get a confirmation like the one below. Once you see this message you can disconnect your Quest headset from your computer and move on to the last part of setup.

Step 4. Create a SideQuest account and link it to your headset

Now that you’ve finished installing SideQuest on your Oculus Quest you are almost ready to begin using the SideQuest app inside your headset! For this last step, you will need to create a free SideQuest account if you don’t already have one. Visit to create your account. After you have created your account and verified your email address navigate to Oculus Quest – SideQuest link page by visiting

Leave the Oculus Quest – SideQuest link page open on your computer or mobile device for now and go ahead and put your Oculus Quest headset on. Once you are wearing your headset, navigate to the Library from your toolbar.

At the top right of the Library window, you will see a dropdown tab that says All (# of apps). Go ahead select that top right All and change it to Unkown Sources. You should now see SideQuest in this list. After you’ve opened SideQuest you will be presented with a unique code. Enter this unique code on the Oculus Quest – SideQuest link page we previously left open:

Step 5. Download games and enjoy!

Congratulations, you have successfully installed SideQuest on your Oculus Quest and now you can install apps and games directly inside your headset!

Have a look around inside the SideQuest browser and once you see a game you want to try simply select it and then select the button that says Install. You will find games that you have downloaded from SideQuest in the same list of Unknown Sources within your Library. Enjoy and if you found this guide helpful please share it with a friend or let us know in the comments.

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